BonAnna cupcake tutorial 

BonAnna cupcake tutorial 



I will share with you recipes and cooking technologies. After watching my video tutorialsYou will surprise family members with delicious desserts without using difficult cooking technologies and special equipment

The best three easy recipes of cupcake, salted caramel.

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to create the most delicious cupcakes! You will see how to make three types of cupcakes:chocolate with chocolate caramel cream;vanilla with edible sprinkles and fluffy meringue cream;vanilla cupcakes with cinnamon, caramel apple and cream cheese;As a bonus, I'll give you a recipe of delicious salted caramel!You will learn all the secrets of making biscuit for cupcakes, the details of making creams, and you will see how beautifully decorate them.



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Easy banana bread and cupcake recipe.


All the secrets of making banana bread and banana biscuit for cupcakes;
Learn the recipe for the perfect banana biscuit;
You will see how easy and beautiful  decorate cupcakes;
By studying the rest of our courses, you can improve your skills by adding many other recipes and make sweets likea guru! 

The best three recipes of cupcake, salted caramel.

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You will learn how to bake chocolate, vanilla cinnamon, and sprinkled vanilla cupcake biscuits;
learn how to make caramel chocolate cream, meringue cream, creamcheese;
learn how to make delicious cupcake fillings;
learn how to color cream;
learn how make beautiful cupcake hats;
learn how to decorate cupcakes beautifuly.

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